Re-Manufactured Equipment

Re-Manufactured Equipment

For less common and higher value equipment such as specialised floor preparation machines, PTO-mounted  implements and top-end horticultural tools, we offer a full re-manufacturing service. Benefits include substantial savings on replacement costs, upkeep of residual value and, of course, the visual impact of gleaming new equipment on site.

 Items  are stripped to component parts, assessed for damage and wear and repaired or replaced as necessary. Any wearing part such as bearings, belts and blades are changed irrespective. Machines frames and bodywork are sent for abrasive blasting and are powder coated in the original colour scheme. During the rebuilding process, machines are treated to all new hardware and fixings and have new or reproduction decals applied. Customers often find it hard to believe that our re-manufactured items are not new.  We offer a 1 year parts and labour warranty on  re-manufactured equipment.


SPE BEF200 and DFG400 floor preparation machines recently re-manufactured by us.

Bespoke Tool Manufacture

In certain situations, there just isn’t a tool for the job.  As hard as this is to believe in this day and age it’s a more common problem than you may think.

Our bespoke manufacture service offers start to finish product design, prototyping and fabrication. Often existing tools can be adapted, or accessories can be made, to allow them to fulfil a new task. In the past we have made or adapted some unusual machines including; a marquee peg driver, an electrically powered vacuum oil extractor, a petrol powered sliding mitre saw, a seaweed grinding device, a large cyclonic dust extraction plant and a double engined chainsaw mill. So, no matter how specific your needs, we can design a tool for the job.