Repairs & Servicing


At Force 10, whenever possible we prefer to repair a tool rather than sell a replacement, we believe that too many businesses have turned to selling their customers a replacement tool rather than going to the trouble of diagnosing and repairing an often simple fault. Replacement costs aside, the drop in quality of brand name tools we have witnessed in recent years is another very real reason to keep your current equipment working.



Regular servicing is proven to reduce downtime, increase profit and lengthen the lifespan of all power tools. With this in mind we set up  the “Force 10 fleet maintenance” scheme.  Designed to keep track of servicing and catch minor faults before they develop into expensive faliures, our fleet maintenance scheme is already looking after the tools and equipment  of many local and national businesses. Feel free to ask us about how you can take advantage of “Force 10 fleet maintenance”

Of course for the individual or small business we are more than happy to service tools and equipment on a one off basis and advise on sensible service intervals for all of your equipment.


Certain tools require more regular attention than others, among the most common items bought to us are gas nail guns from Paslode, Hitachi, Bostich and BEA. Generators from Stephill, Honda and Pramac . And petrol disc cutters from Stihl, Husqvarna and Partner. We aim to always have service parts in stock for the most common machines and our turn around time is usually as low as 3 days.

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