Force 10 Powertools.  Independent power tool specialists.

Based in Penryn, Cornwall, Force 10 are the only non biased power tool experts with working experience of all types of power tools, including all major brands.

Force 10 work closely with our customers to assure all their tooling needs are being fulfilled, and to keep them updated on any possible new equipment and accessories that could save them time and money.

Force 10 Service, Repair, Overhaul and Maintain ALL power tools, from small cordless equipment up to construction plant.

Force 10 offer a range of other services which include Sharpening, Calibration, Set-up, Tuning, Alteration, Testing, Fabrication, Restoration and Supply.

It is our policy to always give the most honest advice on tools that we possibly can, because the latest, most expensive, feature packed tool may not always be an improvement on a 20 year old classic. Unlike almost all other power tool specialists, Force 10 want you to be equipped with the tools that best suit your needs, not just the tools with the highest mark-up. We’re not tied in to any one brand, so we won’t sell you a Makita grinder when a Flex may better suit your needs, or a DeWalt jigsaw when a Bosch will last you far longer. You can trust us to recommend and supply only the best equipment for your requirements.