Fixing All 'Quipment
Yeah, you? Right on.
With enough time and resources, we can repair just about anything.

We service and repair a wide spectrum of power tools, small engines, specialist equipment & machinery for everyone from DIY enthusiasts up to arborists, boat-builders, carpenters, landscapers, mechanics, engineers, violin makers & seaweed farmers.

We regularly fix:
  • 110v & 240v corded workshop & site kit like breakers, chopsaws, cement mixers, lights & heaters
  • small cordless battery powered handheld kit like drills, drivers & jigsaws
  • Paslodes & other nailers
  • 2-stroke & 4-stroke land-based machinery like chainsaws, plate compactors, brushcutters, generators & lawnmowers
  • kit from all of the major power tool brands including but not limited to Makita, Milwaukee, DeWalt, Bosch, Stihl, Husqvarna & Festool.
No thanks:
    • outboards
    • vehicles
    • white goods

It’s usually impossible to predict the parts and labour required to repair your tool before in-house fault diagnosis has taken place, but we can guarantee that we will never undertake an uneconomical repair (unless specifically requested by you, for example if an irreplaceable tool has sentimental value). If the total cost of the repair is likely to be greater than 1/3 the cost of replacement, we will contact you with an estimate before carrying out the repair.

Our minimum workshop charge is £15.00 – this covers the first 30 minutes of diagnosis and admin & is chargeable regardless of the outcome of the job. In the event that your tool is classed as an uneconomical repair, we will waive this fee if you leave the tool with us for recycling.

We work on a first-come-first-serve basis.

When you book your tool in, we will give you a rough estimate of the length of the queue you are joining.

Sometimes after fault diagnosis we have to order parts from suppliers before we can complete the repair.

Due to the queue, we are rarely able to do jobs ‘while you wait.’

We regularly service & repair all sorts of nail guns.
Yes, we do Paslodes!

We’ve serviced and repaired thousands of Paslodes over the years. We keep plenty of Paslode parts in stock, and so turnaround on these is usually pretty quick.

A Paslode service costs £80.

This includes complete strip down, deep-cleaning of all internal parts, replacement of wearing parts such as o-rings & filters, lubrication, reassembly, thorough inspection & testing, all carried out in-house by one of our trained repair technicians.
The flat rate also covers the cost of fault diagnosis & repair labour if required, but does not cover the cost of parts needed for repairs.

All nail gun repairs & services carried out at Force 10 are covered by our 30 day warranty.

All work undertaken at Force 10 is subject to the following terms & conditions:

If the total cost of repair is deemed to be relatively low compared to the replacement cost of the tool we will go ahead with the repair without contacting you first. If the total cost of the repair is likely to be more than 1/3 of the cost of replacing the tool, we will contact you with an estimate prior to repairing the tool.

All items booked in for repair are subject to our standing charge of £15.50. This covers the first 30 minutes of diagnosis/labour. This is chargeable regardless of the outcome of the job. In some cases we will waive this fee if you do not require the faulty tool & you consent for us to recycle it for parts.

If the tool is beyond economical repair, or you do not wish to proceed with a repair, the tool will often be returned disassembled.

Payment is to be made in full within 30 days of date of invoice. Late payments will incur a 10% late payment fee.

Tools left at Force 10 Powertools must be collected within one month of the date of invoice. Uncollected tools will incur a weekly storage fee of £2.50 for small items (such as handheld tools) and £7.50 for large items (such as mitre saws, extractors, brush cutters etc.) after this period. We can arrange delivery at your expense if you are unable to collect. Tools which remain uncollected 366 days after the date of invoice will be sold to recover costs. 

Any work carried out by Force 10 Powertools is covered by our 30 day warranty. This covers our labour only and starts at the date of invoice. We cannot offer warranty replacement for parts unless warranty is offered by the manufacturer. Our warranty does not cover items damaged by misuse, parts of the tool not repaired by us, or loss of earnings due to downtime.

We will ask you to sign a sheet confirming your acceptance of these terms and conditions when booking in your tool.
The top white copy is yours to take home.

If your tool has been diagnosed with a fault that would be uneconomical or impossible to repair and you want to take the machine away, it will cost you our standing workshop charge of £15.00 to do so.

We will waive this fee if we can recycle your tool for parts and you consent for us to do so.


Please email sales@force10powertools.co.uk
or call us on 01326 352515

Not at the moment but thank you for your interest.

F10 HQ is located at The Workshops, Goonhilland, Burnthouse, St. Gluvias, Penryn TR10 9AS.
We’re open weekdays from 09.00 – 18.00.

Take the Redruth exit at Treluswell roundabout. Take the next left, then the second right into the yard just past Goonhilland Farm.
TR10 9AS for Google Maps and sat navs.